14 Foot Sea Serpent Found in Southern California


Giant Sea Serpent

18 foot sea serpent

18 footer recovered in southern California.

This ugly creature was pulled from a beach in Southern California. Read the full story here. The fish is a deep-water fish called the Oarfish and can grow to more than 50 feet in length. This was the second Oarfish to come up to shallow water in a week. A few days earlier a snorkeler pulled an 18 foot oarfish from shallow water with the help of some beach-goers.

23 Fot Oarfish

A 23-foot Oarfish recovered by Navy Seals in 1996. Imagine what a 50 footer what look like!

It’s pretty easy to see where some of the old sea serpent legends came from. I couldn’t imagine sailing the ocean in a big wooden boat and seeing one of these things!