Spotlight: Metapicz

Spotlight: Metapicz

Metapicz is a web-baxsed EXIF/meta data extraction tool for images. This comes in handy when you are trying to analyze a phoo. Check out

Protecting Your Paranormal Group – Liability, Taxes and More

Like almost everyone in the field, paranormal investigation is my hobby, my primary passion is in business, specifically marketing and entrepreneurship. From my experience in education in that field I’ve learned a lot of the tips, tricks and pitfalls of…

Jeff Meldrum’s New Bigfoot Course and Skeptical Bias

Over at Doubtful News one of the hot topics is Jeff Meldrum’s new course on Bigfoot. Meldrum is a longtime Idaho State University Professor of anatomy and anthropology, and if you don’t know, one of the most prominent modern Bigfoot researchers….

Strange Creature Found on Santa Barbara Beach

Strange Creature Found on Santa Barbara Beach

A strange creature washed ashore on a Santa Barbara, California beach. The find came after a recent storm hit the area. As you can see from the image the creature is hairless and has long claws and long teeth. It…

Sykes Study: DNA Matches Modern Polar Bear Not Himalayan Bear

Last year the Sykes study looked for DNA evidence of a Yeti. It failed to find the Yeti but claimed to discover something interesting – DNA evidence of ancient species of Polar Bear. You can see my original blog entry…

Spotlight: The Davis Report

Spotlight: The Davis Report

The Davis Report is a blog with detailed analysis of the famous Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Film. J.K. Davis is a film analyst and provides some enhanced versions of the film for review. Check out the website here. 

Can Quantum Entanglement Explain Psychic Phenomena?

Quantum entanglement is when two sub-atomic particles remain connected no matter how far their physical distance is. A recent experiment showed just how impressive this property is: Scientist used two of these linked particles to transmit information instantly over a…

Fossil Evidence of Ancient Balloon Animal Discovered

New fossil evidence reveals a balloon-like creature that lived about 520 million years ago. Read more from LiveScience. This discovery highlights one of the issues with fossil evidence and the approach to science in general. Parsimony and scientific attitude in…

Songbirds Knew a Tornado Was Coming

A study of 5 golden-winged warblers found that the birds mysteriously moved 400 miles South of their initial stop for seasonal migration. 24 hours after the move 84 tornadoes hit central and Southeastern US, where the songbirds had initially stopped….



A Who Is search provides valuable information about the owner of a website. This is an excellent tool for investigating the credibility of a claim or trying to make contact with a website owner that doesn’t list it on their…

When to Call it Pareidolia

Some call it pareidolia, others matrixing and some apophenia: It is a human’s ability to see meaningful patterns in random data. It is when you see a face in some dead leaves or a picture of the Virgin Mary in…

When Debunking Goes Bad

Debunking is the process of determining natural causes for unknown phenomena. If your anti-bias detector isn’t ringing yet, going into an investigation to find only natural causes is problematic. If you look hard enough for a natural cause you can…

Spotlight: Artifacts in Sunset Photography

I know it may seem strange how artifacts in sunset photography is relevant to paranormal investigations, but many of these artifacts can also be present in images with strong light sources. Take a look at some of the common artifacts…