4 Bad Ghost and Alien Photos Explained


Let’s start the new year off right by analyzing some bad ghost and UFO images. I’m a fan of compelling evidence of the paranormal, but these next images represent some of the examples of hoaxes and misidentification and how a little bit of understanding of cameras and some simple analysis techniques can shed some light of these images:

Museum Ghost

From <a title="Deadline News Museum Ghost" href="http://www.deadlinenews.co.uk/2015/01/01/ghost-captured-in-museum-photo/" target="_blank">Deadline News</a>

From http://www.deadlinenews.co.uk/2015/01/01/ghost-captured-in-museum-photo/

This one is from Deadline News. The picture was snapped at the West Highland Museum in front of a stone tablet depicting a cross. There are stories that the ghost of a former curator, Edith MacGregor, still haunts the museum. 

Right off the bat it is apparent this object is behind a glass or some sort of plexiglass case. We can see additional reflections in the glass to the left of the object.

I ran the image through ELA using one of my favorite sites, fotoforensics.com and the face didn’t seem quite consistent with the image. This could be a sign that the image was added after the original photo was taken. 

The other obvious explanation is this is a reflection in the glass of a patron or another display. If you look hard it looks like a male in an old Victorian style outfit with a white colored shirt and dark jacket, but this can be a trick of the mind. The details are minimal and very normal images can appear quite strange in reflections. However one point that bothers me is that the ghost image has very defined edges. We see a head and part of the left shoulder but nothing else. If it was a ghost why don’t we see more? If it is a reflection we should see more? Based on this and the ELA results I’d bet that this image was digitally added into the original photo. I checked the BustThatGhost.com database to see if I could find a match but no luck.

Sakshi TV Ghost

From https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCFQu9Gecuw#t=49

From Sakshi TV

This one was posted on YouTube. On the website you can see a news report from Sakshi TV which it seems is a news outlet in India. If you follow ghost sightings at all you may recognize the “ghost” in this image. 

Check out the second image on the right: Does that ghost look familiar? This picture has circulated the internet for years. 

So it is obviously a digitally manipulated photo – More specifically it used one of the fake ghost appps you can download on your smartphone. You can use these apps to add an image of a ghost, monster, UFO or even an alien into a photo. 


Alien Grey Photos

YouTube user knobbylives posted a video claiming to show a collection of evidence for alien visitation. He claimed he captured all the images himself via trail camera when in reality many of these images are from different sources and have been out for a while. So we know he is dishonest and can’t produce original content, but nonetheless the images represent some of good pieces for analysis. 

Deer UFOThe first image in the video was more washed than than originals so I pulled one of the other versions circulating the net instead of the pic from the video. 

In this image a deer stares directly at a trail camera and we can see two glowing lights above the deer’s head. There are also a series of circles directly from the head of the deer to the lights. This has been widely explained as the reflection of the deer’s eyes into the camera. Trail camera typically have an additional window that covers the camera lens. Most camera optics are coated to reduce reflection like this, but an uncoated piece of glass or plexiglass would make a great reflector. Additionally the circles look like lens flare. This is what happens when the camera records a bright source of light.

In this case the camera is shooting in infrared. The camera uses an LED array to make an infrared flash. While this flash would be minimal, a small amount of red light can be seen from the LEDs. The deer probably saw this light and moved to the camera when the trail cam captured an additional image. Deer have a tapetum which is a reflective surface in their eyes. This reflected the flash back onto the protective glass of the trail camera. Let’s move on…

The next two photos were from suspected alien search lights. These effects can be caused by motion blur of a light source, an actual light source or digital manipulation. Not much to cover there. Let’s hit the 4th image.

Deer and AlienThis is supposedly a deer in a trail camera photo with an alien in the background. I guess this alien doesn’t have legs. 

Actually I recognized the image of the “alien” right away. We don’t even need any complicated ELA or anything else. A quick trip over to BustThatGhost.com brings up two results. The results show that this image could have been created with Nightinart or Ghostcam Androoid Apps. Actually it could have been created with other apps too as I have found that many fake ghost app developers plagiarize content for their own apps, and I haven’t added every app to the database yet.. If we had the original file we could probably narrow it down to the exact app used because most apps resave the image with a unique file name structure, but that’s just showing off. 

The remaining images are a combination of well-known hoaxes, misidentification and digital manipulation. Nothing stood out enough to highlight.

Don’t get fooled by the easy stuff! A few tools and a critical eye can help you spot the difference between an obvious fake and a piece of evidence that deserves more investigation.