This 4th of July, Fight for Freedom!


There is a lot to be disappointed about in today’s America. We have problems with debt, international conflict, civil liberties and much more. But let us not forget the great things we still enjoy….

America is still a great place! When we are hungry we can go a grocery store and have our pick of thousands of different food items. If we don’t want to cook we can even get someone else to do the cooking and deliver food straight to our door. The average American owns a car and many own a house. We don’t have ongoing warfare and conflict like many countries. Despite the growing focus on violent acts, violence and rape have dropped dramatically over the last decade! And while many fear terrorism, compared to the vast majority of countries in the world, we are very safe.

America is also a leader in innovation. We have hosted some of the greatest minds like Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Stephen Hawking and many more. We created the internet! We were the first to land a man on the moon! And quite quickly we are becoming a world leader in green technologies!

We have a lot to be thankful for and it is due to the tireless efforts of those that defend liberty and freedom against tyranny.

Fighting tyranny isn’t always about picking up a gun and shooting bad guys in some far away country. Tyranny happens right here and one of the biggest assaults to freedom is the censorship of free thought. This is what is happening to the realm of paranormal investigation. Legitimate efforts to inquire into suspected paranormal events are shut down by many in the scientific community. And it is not limited to investigation of the strange… Similar patterns occur around issues like climate change, evolution and religion. While we can agree with one side or another what is fundamentally important is the freedom to question: The freedom to pursue new lines of inquiry and debate the facts should never be infringed upon! This is the very essence of scientific inquiry yet this mindset is being eroded away. The scientific majority simply works to ignore dissent and criticism through cheap marketing gimmicks and targeted censorship.

This independence day let us make a commitment to honor the free pursuit of truth. Support the free exchange of ideas; question established dogma; ask questions before drawing conclusions; and above all challenge those that avoid debate and ignore inconvenient evidence. Make a commitment to keep the investigation of the paranormal, and the quest for new knowledge altogether, an honest pursuit.

Happy 4th of July everybody!