Matt Brady

A former Army Intelligence Analyst desperately fights the illogical, the irrational, the unreasonable and the pseudo-skeptical in the battle for a logical approach to paranormal investigations. Join me on my quest to bring sanity to a world where the intelligent act out of ignorance and the mature reduce themselves to children. In this world the people are often more paranormal than the claims. No it’s not the next Tom Clancy novel, it’s…


What I’ve Done
I am a former Army All-Source Intelligence Analyst (35F). I served 3 years at the division-level of the 101st, then 1 year in the Guard. During that time I was blessed with the opportunity to do some great things and I learned a lot in the process. Critical thinking is essential to intelligence analysis. Most people say the phrase but do not truly understand what it entails. I bring my experience in critical thinking and intelligence analysis to the field of paranormal research. 

I’m currently an Undergrad at Murray State University pursuing Marketing and Entrepreneurship. 

I also spend a great deal of time studying topics like logic, scientific methodology, the philosophy of science, problem solving systems, and forensic analysis methods. Some in skeptical circles will claim you can only offer insight on a topic if you have a degree in the subject. These are the same people with Geology degrees that publish books about cryptozoology and alternative medicine. 

What I Don’t Do
I have little interest in popularity or fame from books or TV shows. If those options can help me in my quest to bring logic back to the world of paranormal investigation, I’m in. But I’m not in it for glory, scary stories or money.

I also will not jump to conclusions on paranormal claims. I shake my head when a believer stares at a photo of a misty apparition and proclaims it’s a ghost while the skeptic says it’s fake without more than a one-second glance. These issues deserve analysis and investigation! If you’re not willing to put in the effort to actually investigate claims you’re analysis is meaningless! We have enough opinions in the field already. 

My Vision
I started this site in the naive hope of developing a network of like-minded individuals to create a template for good practices. When those efforts failed I adapted. Now I am developing a suite of websites to fill currently unfilled needs. Through these I hope to foster an environment of critical thinking and discussion on the way we investigate paranormal claims. Far too much effort is expended on talking about claims when we do not even have a solid model for how to investigate. Making paranormal investigations better is a lofty goal and it will require resources, persuasion, role-models and time. 


– Matt Brady


Email me at Matt@TheParanormalAnalyst.com