Analyst vs. Critic: Critics Are Party Poopers


Party Pooper T-ShirtI could call paranormal critics party poopers because they demonstrate an inability to accept something can occur outside of the current understanding of science. But really I call them party poopers because they fail to see the significance in proving the real root cause of paranormal and unexplained phenomenon.

One skeptical scientific explanation for ghosts is that they are hallucinations caused by magnetic fields that interfere with our brain. Let’s just assume for a minute that is the real root cause for most ghost encounters. How incredible would that discovery be? The ability to influence minds through magnetic signals… amazing! It may not be as glamorous or spooky as grandpa coming back from the dead, but it is still really cool. And who’s to say that ghosts aren’t real, but maybe this is a factor too. The fact is we don’t know what the root cause is.

At the end of the day we all need to realize that whatever the cause of a paranormal phenomenon it is going to be a significant discovery in the eyes of science. Some phenomena may not turn out to be as cool as we thought, but the fact that many of these phenomena have existed for decades is a clear indication that there is no simple or unimpressive answer.

Unfortunately my critical friends like to propose unproven scientific hypotheses as root causes for these phenomenon and give no possible chance for an explanation more paranormal. But the bigger crime is that they downplay the importance of the phenomenon and the significance of a confirmed answer. Let’s face it, solving these big questions will lead to new discovery or changes in existing scientific precepts. Why can’t skeptics focus a little more on the significance and weight of their proposed theories and a little less on trying to make believers look stupid? Get excited, this is important stuff!