The Best Bigfoot Photo Ever!

The Best Bigfoot Photo Ever!


o-TAMPABIGFOOTORIGINAL-570Fisherman John Rodriguez captured a very close up and clear image of Bigfoot. The creature is standing chest deep in a swamp. The entire account is detailed by Lee Speigel on the Huffington Post. Let’s do some analysis!

The Good

Well it looks like Bigfoot, or at least some descriptions of him. I cut out the body with the face and the face separately and tried to use Google Image search to pull up similar images. I got a bunch of suitcases. After that I searched through Gorilla pictures and Gorilla mask pictures and after a few minutes of o-TAMPASKUNKAPE-570searching didn’t see any matches. 

I also did a Google search of John Rodriguez and Florida to see if there were any obvious websites or books he was trying to promote, or perhaps even find some old submissions like this. No results. So far so good, but don’t get excited. 

From the image we can tell that the sun is behind and to the left. Lighting on the back of the creature seems pretty consistent with that just from a quick glance. 

The Bad

An examination of the context provides some doubt. This creature is standing in chest deep water, arms lowered, looking ahead. If he was walking or moving we would expect to see some disruptions in the water and some other signs of movement, but we don’t.

Furthermore our photographer managed to get this close to, what Bigfoot hunters believe, is an extremely elusive creature? And the photographer would have been directly in Bigfoot’s line of sight!

And then there is an issue with the shadows. The shadow from the creature does not seem consistent. Based on other shadows in the picture I think Bigfoot’s right shoulder should by producing a larger shadow on the water. But wait, there’s more.

The Ugly 

Swamp Bigfoot ELA

Error Level Analysis Result

Take a close look at the face of the image. If you zoom in you’ll notice several long straight edges around the face, indicating that the face was digitally added (photoshopped) onto the body. The area of the nose, close the the plant, lacks detail and looks blurred. I think a clone brush was used here for touch-up.

The left half of the mouth (creature’s left) also looks strange to me. It to be dropping unnaturally low compared to the rest of the mouth. The hairline across the chin is interrupted where it drops down quite a bit then resumes its old line immediately on the other side of the plant. The hair on the left side of the chin is angled  in instead of dropping downward like the rest of the hair. A closer look at the white chin hair reveals some straight edges, a dark gap, and overall inconsistencies where some pieces of another photo may have been spliced in. 

Composite of Original Image with 50% Transparency ELA Overlay

Composite of Original Image with 50% Transparency ELA Overlay

But the most damning clue is the ELA result. ELA shows that most of the image has high error levels, indicating it is close to original. However most of the body and face of the Bigfoot contain low values despite the details in hair, wrinkles, creases, etc. Furthermore we see some high levels in very specific parts of the image. All the spots where the sun appears to hit have high ELA values. These areas have been modified to make the suit look consistent with the lighting in the photo. We also see high values along the white stripe and along the area where the face is partially obscured by the plant. These areas were modified. The stripe was likely added, possibly by manipulating the color channels for this region, and the area near the plant was touched up with a clone brush to fix jagged edges. 

The right eye has also been modified. There is a strange green speck near the right cheek and a brown speck on the left shoulder that have high values too. 

Overall the photo displays far too many inconsistencies. Ultimately Error Level Analysis clearly shows that this image is a digitally created hoax.