Google’s UFOs

Several recent UFO sightings can be attributed to a special Google project. Google’s Project Loon involves sending up weather balloons to provide 4G access to areas without the infrastructure for internet. The project is being tested worldwide and is responsiblee for…

What’s the Size of the UFO on the Moon?

I wanted to do my own calculation of size for the UFO over the moon. I discussed why I believe this is the shadow of another object in a previous post you can read here.  Finding the precise edge of…

UFO Spotted Over the Moon Is a Shadow

The big story yesterday is about a UFO captured hovering over the surface of the moon. It was captured by YouTube user and skywatcher Crrow777. Theories have ranged from aliens to a camera glitch. You can see one analysis of the video here….

Breakdown of Devon UFO – Hoax or Real Deal?

Here is a great video demonstrating why this particular UFO Video is a hoax…

The Most Per Capita UFO Sightings in AZ?

The Washington Post published an article on the most per capita UFO sightings. The winner – my home state of Arizona! The original article has more details including some interesting graphics. Check it out here. There are many theories on…

Earthquake Lights – Strange But True??

A new study provides more evidence that Earthquakes can cause strange lights to appear along faults. Scientists are unsure as to the precise cause of these lights but hypothesize it may be due to electrical current generated from the shifting…

Pilot Ducks to Avoid UFO

A Captain piloting a fully loaded Airbus A320 witnessed a silver metallic, cigar or rugby ball-shaped object flying directly towards the cockpit. Without time to react he ducked to escape from the object that he expected to hit the plane….

Get Your UFO Detector Today

Get Your UFO Detector Today

For the low price of $48.54 (plus $11.39 shipping) you can have your very own UFO detector. No this isn’t a joke, this thing is actually selling on right now. Check it out here. Supposedly the device can detect…

UFO Investigations by Governments

UFO Investigations by Governments

This is a list on Wikipedia of UFO investigations (or suspected investigations) on UFO sites. Interesting reads. Take a look!  

Why So Many UFO Photos Suck

Why So Many UFO Photos Suck

This picture was from a sighting of a UFO over a lake in Australia. Read the full story here: UFO sighting over Hunter. I use this picture to highlight a common problem in UFO photos in videos – poor evidence. In…

Mass UFO Sighting in Bakersfield, CA

While some UFO events are far from compelling, it is these types of mass sightings that are much more intriguing and warrant further investigation.

Revenge of the Remote Control

Last week I talked about the explosion of UAVs and other remote control aircraft, and how this will cause a big increase in UFO sightings. Read the post here. Today I found a couple of cases where an alleged UFO…

UAV - Drones and the Future of UFOs

UAV – Drones and the Future of UFOs

Today drones are becoming more and more popular. They are being used by everybody from news stations to Bigfoot researchers. Even the general public is beginning to adopt smaller drones with simple cameras on them for fun. The fact is…