My experiences with the Paranormal

The Vampire Hotel at LBL - My Paranormal Experience

The Vampire Hotel at LBL

Psychic visions, unexplained rock throwing, mysterious shadows, and noises without a cause. It’s one thing to read about these things but I’ve experienced them firsthand. I didn’t know if it was a blessing or a curse to but when I went looking for more I couldn’t find any. Read about the events that lead me to study suspected paranormal phenomena and how those experiences shaped my views towards the world of the unexplained.

I’m Psychic!?

Around the age of twelve I had an experience that solidified my interest in the paranormal. This event continues to be the single most compelling evidence I have experienced, my evidence that there are phenomena beyond current scientific understanding.

I rarely remembered my dreams at this stage in my life. My dreams were vague and senseless compilations of my thoughts from the day. One night I had a dream I have never forgotten. From the moment I awoke I knew this was significant. There was nostory-line, no plot, in fact no action happened at all. It was an exceptionally vivid moment in time; an exact snapshot of a normal event in one’s life. And yet in this snapshot I was somehow aware of details like who I was with, even though their face cannot be seen from my frozen overhead view. I can still see the image clearly in my mind…
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