Indefinite Hiatus


It’s been a busy time for me. This semester I have 6 classes, spend about 9-11 hours a week commuting, have a business plan I’ve been developing and taking to competitions and have an internship. As you can probably imagine that has been keeping me pretty busy lately. Unfortunately that means I’ve had to take some time off from the site. I hope to get back into it soon, but school and the business take priority. 

When I do get back I plan to continue my work to bring clear and objective discussion to the challenges of paranormal research. I also want to continue my work to develop better investigation methods. I sometimes wonder if is the best way to do this. Ultimately for change to happen, I need an organization that provides clear messaging on these issues and tool to help interested parties improve their investigation methods.  

Before my hiatus I began looking deep into criminal and digital forensics. There are a lot of methods from forensics that can be incorporated. Paired with an improved heuristic process tailored to the unique challenges of paranormal investigation, I think a solid framework for investigating the paranormal is possible. The real challenge is in the diversity of cases.

To investigate cases ranging from new animals to UFO sightings requires a diverse range of skills and knowledge. This and bias are why I believe so many teams and skeptics fail in investigation. Maintaining an adequate knowledge and skill base, and applying it objectively, is no easy task! But I think it is possible and necessary for the field to move forward. 

As always I love to hear your ideas and thoughts.