The Kraken is Back


In 2011 Mark  McMenamin, professor of geology at Mount Holyoke College, suggested that the mythical Kraken could be a real creature. McMenanmin based his theory off of a discovery of Icthyosaur bones. Icthyosaurs were giant ocean-dwelling creatures with flippers. McMenanmin claimed the vertebrae were arranged in a pattern that was inconsistent with natural causes of death or movement by  water currents. Many scientists refuted the claim but were unable to adequately explain the formation. Additionally octopuses are known to move bones and shells which further supports McMenanmin’s Theory

Now there is more evidence to support the idea of a giant, pre-historic, tentacled monster. New fossil evidence appears to be from a beak, similar to the beak of modern day squids. See the pictures here. 

The discovery of the real Kraken is certainly an exciting one but we shouldn’t forget about modern day giant tentacled creatures either. Back in September scientists dissected a 770-pound Colossal Squid. This is only the second complete Colossal squid ever captured. 

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