Why So Many UFO Photos Suck


Hunter UFO

This picture was from a sighting of a UFO over a lake in Australia. Read the full story here: UFO sighting over Hunter. I use this picture to highlight a common problem in UFO photos in videos – poor evidence.

In fact virtually every UFO photo and video in existence features blurry, poorly defined shapes that look more like sonar images and less like alien spaceships. In fact amateur skeptics frequently ask if UFO, or more to the point aliens, are real, why do we only have these blurry photos?

The explanation is simple. These phenomena are often being recorded with consumer-grade cameras and equipment. We are speaking about airborne objects miles away from the eyewitness. Some of these objects move at great speeds, others are poorly lit. All these factors make it very difficult to record a good UFO photo or video. In fact I find that most good UFO photos and videos are fakes. If you want further proof try to record a video of an airplane flying though the air with a handheld camcorder. You’ll see similar results. Unless we are lucky enough to have a witness with a commercial grade camera and a telephoto lens at the ready to record the UFO, we shouldn’t expect much more than blurry evidence.

Unfortunately due to the poor quality of UFO evidence it is often very difficult if not impossible to draw any conclusions. Pictures are by far the worst evidence, generally speaking. Pictures of UFOs do nothing to illustrate the movement of the object or give us alternate views of it. Videos can show us quite a bit more about the UFO and give us a better chance to identify it.

Compelling UFO evidence should have one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Fast and erratic movement with nearly instant starts and stops
  • Witnessed by a large group a people, independent from each other
  • Displays shape shifting or color changing

When we see these type of characteristics it lends more credibility to an unexplained event. As investigators of the “strange” we have to bear in mind that there are thousands of normal things flying through the sky. Without compelling evidence most cases will have to stay unexplained. The fact of the matter is bad evidence will always be bad evidence. If we can’t match bad evidence to an existing phenomenon this is not proof of aliens or something else outside the norm. Instead it only proves we are looking at substandard evidence. Instead the focus of investigative work should be on the compelling cases – the cases with multiple pictures and videos, multiple eyewitnesses and the cases that display extraordinary feats of flying wizardry. By focusing more effort on these cases we can get closer to the root cause.