What’s the Size of the UFO on the Moon?


I wanted to do my own calculation of size for the UFO over the moon. I discussed why I believe this is the shadow of another object in a previous post you can read here. 

Finding the precise edge of the dark side of the moon was difficult. I used different brightness and contrast settings, color settings and comparisons to the light side but couldn’t find an exact edge. I ended up settling on a range:

Moon Diameter (Pixels)
Max: 919 px
Min: 898 px

Pixel to Size Ratio
(The actual diameter of the moon is 3,474.8 Km)

Min: 3,474.8/919 = 3.781 Km/px
Max: 3,474.8/898 = 3.869 Km/px

To complicate things further the object is extremely small; only a few pixels in size. This makes size calculations difficult and pretty inaccurate. So Any size here is going to be rough! I opted for the same min and max here in case compression artifacts and/or pixel bleed were artificially inflating the perceived size of the object. 

Object Diameter (Pixels)
Max: 4 px
Min: 2 px

The Results

Based on my calculations the object is between 7.56 kilometers and 15.48 kilometers in diameter. That is the equivalent to 4.7 miles to 9.6 miles. That’s a big object!

Now the shadow can be much larger than the object itself, but if the object is 4 kilometers in diameter, which is still very large, it would have to be around halfway between the sun and the moon. Is it possible we are seeing the shadow of a very distant object? Did all the right variables align to see the shadow of a large meteor tens of thousands of miles away. Since I’m not well-versed on astronomy I won’t go beyond this. All I can say is it looks like a shadow from a real object and it is big!