I Need Your Feedback: 2014 State of the Paranormal Survey


Starting this year I will be releasing an annual State of the Paranormal Survey, with a tip of the hat to the United States’ State of the Union Address. 

This will provide an overview of the top events, players and interest in the field. This will help new-combers and old-timers make sure they didn’t miss anything and provide a reference for the highlights of the year. 

I’ll be releasing the Survey early 2015 but I’m collecting information now. If you have any events, controversies, studies, websites, people, trends or anything thing related to the paranormal field of significance please share it with me by commenting below or email me at Matt@TheParanormalAnalyst.com

I want to cover a lot of ground but not get too wrapped up in details, so I’m looking for the BIG NEWS of 2014.