What is An Objective Investigator?


I refer to the term objective investigator frequently, but what does it really mean?

First off we have to understand that everyone has bias. We all have opinions, we all have experiences, knowledge and a unique perspective that will cause us to make certain judgments. An objective investigator is not someone without bias, that is impossible: Instead the objective investigator is someone who is attuned to his or her own biases. They have a grasp on how their bias influences their decisions and have learned to take a step back and question their own conclusions and opinions. The objective investigator uses a systematic method during investigations. An objective investigator shows her work and goes to others for peer review. An objective investigator is quick to spot and eliminate bias and slow to accept any one conclusion.

Ultimately, in the role of the objective investigator, you put your ego aside for the sake of the work. While in this role your duty is to find the cause by using a systematic methodology.

Being an objective investigator is about demanding a higher standard of research and investigation. The old ways of doing things, and even the scientific method are inadequate! It’s time to move the field forward and work towards the common goal of finding a root cause for these phenomenon. Those that want to be die hard skeptics and believers, and chase facts that support their beliefs can do so as a hobby: But the real research should be done by the objective investigators!