Real or Fake? Google Earth Bigfoot


Here is a new video that came out supposedly showing a strange object in the woods. The discoverer believes it could be evidence of Bigfoot.

Corny music aside, this is just another example of quest to find proof of the unexplained in everything. In the video the poster shows how the object can only be seen from one angle. Move forward or backward one step and it mysteriously disappears. Does this mean this is some strange creature that can only be seen from one angle… Probably not. It is much more likely we are looking at a dark shadowed area through a gap in the woods.


The fact is there is nothing compelling here at all. We can’t see a very defined shape and the shape itself is inconsistent with a humanoid creature. What can be interpreted as arms and legs and different sizes and end abruptly. The supposed Bigfoot shows no texture or fur.

It should also be noted that the poster has made a name for himself publishing a variety of of such videos. This seems like more of a cry for attention than a credible attempt to prove the existence of Bigfoot.

But the real crime here is these types of claims serve to discredit the field of paranormal investigators. These are the public image of those who investigate claims of the paranormal. Between the work of skeptics and those that see evidence in everything, our field suffers a huge credibility shortfall.