The Vampire Hotel – Case Study Detail

This is a detailed breakdown of the case study following the analytical methodology I’ve outlined here.

1. Gather Background Information
Background information can be viewed on The Vampire Hotel – Case Study page.

2. Collect Evidence
In Progress
1. EVPs

This first clip is a strange series of clicks that seems to be in response to a question. The rubbing sound you hear at the beginning of the clip is due to the holder inadvertently rubbing his finger on the housing of the recorder. We tried to reproduce the clicking noises but couldn’t. I also thought it could be an issue with the recorder itself, but after reviewing hours of audio from various sites around LBL, I found no recordings of any similar sounds.

In this second recording the “audio operator” forgot to turn the recorder off. It was placed in his pocket while we were walking back through the woods. You will hear lots of scrapping from us hiking through thick brush along the trail. You can also hear a boat going past in the background. The first whisper is at 3 seconds, the second around the 14 second mark. 

2. First Visit Rock-Throwing/Rolling (Eyewitness Accounts)
3. Second Visit Rock-Throwing (Eyewitness Accounts)
4. Third Visit No Rock-Throwing (Eyewitness Accounts)

3. Analyze and Scrutinize Collected Evidence
Not Started

4. Create a common characteristics list for the phenomenon
Not Started

5. Brainstorm all possible explanations
1. The Rational Hypothesis
The rock throwing was actually rocks rolling down the hill. The steep and rocky terrain provide excellent opportunity for rocks to become dislodged and appear to be thrown from steep drop-offs. The EVP was directly related to the passing boat and not the product of any supernatural force.

2. The Paranormal Hypothesis
The rock throwing and EVP is the product of some yet undefined entity or force. Some literature would call it a poltergeist, though I am hesitant to get wrapped up in labeling unknowns.

6. Conduct 1st level conditions analysis
Not Started

7. Match what evidence supports and refutes each hypothesis
Not Started

8. Determine information gaps
– Get video of the rocks flying/falling
– Is there only a specific time or event that causes this phenomena?

9. Rate each hypothesis versus the characteristics
Not Started

10. Determine the rank and confidence level
Not Started

11. Disseminate and Re-Evaluate
Detailed results will be disseminated here and general information will be provided on The Vampire Hotel – Case Study page.

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    I have too have recorded these clicks and I believe they are communication well below our hearing range at approximately 12 hz.

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