The Werewolf of LBL – Case Study Detail

This is a detailed breakdown of the case study following the analytical methodology I’ve outlined here.

1. Gather Background Information
Background information can be viewed on The Werewolf of LBL Case Study page.

2. Collect Evidence

3. Analyze and Scrutinize Collected Evidence
Not Started

4. Create a common characteristics list for the phenomenon
A pre-investigation list was included on The Werewolf of LBL Case Study page, however further scrutiny is required.

5. Brainstorm all possible explanations
1. Coyote Attacks and Headlights
The attacks were actually carried out by packs of coyotes who inhabit the area. Some of these coyotes may even be rabid which would cause increased aggression towards humans. While coyote attacks are rare they can and do occur. Despite the rumored coroner’s opinion that the attacks were not carried out by any known creature, a pack of coyotes could cause a devastating amount of damage to human bodies.

As for the red glowing eyes, these could simply be vehicle taillights. While LBL is a large area it is narrow. It is almost 40 miles long but less than 10 miles wide. On top of the “The Trace” bisects the entire park. Smaller roads branch out from this every few miles including official and unofficial trails. What’s the point? Many of the roads in LBL are very close together making it easier to see the taillights from another vehicle on an adjacent road.

2. Werewolf attacks
The beast of LBL is indeed real and responsible for several attacks. The red glowing eyes are from the Werewolf being spotted in the middle of the night.

6. Conduct 1st level conditions analysis
Not Started

7. Match what evidence supports and refutes each hypothesis
Not Started

8. Determine information gaps
– Substantiated encounters with the suspected werewolf.
– What was the real purpose of the “bunkers?”
– How far can vehicle taillights be seen in the forest?
– Can the red eyes be directly associated to sightings of the Werewolf, or are these characteristics unrelated?
– Would red glowing eyes, spotted from a distance look like two eyes or one red light?

9. Rate each hypothesis versus the characteristics
Not Started

10. Determine the rank and confidence level
Not Started

11. Disseminate and Re-Evaluate
Detailed results will be disseminated here and general information will be provided on The Werewolf of LBL Case Study page.

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