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Local lore speaks of a werewolf living in LBL. One more recent and detailed account was by a resident of LBL named Jan. On an afternoon in 1978 Jan’s cousin Joe was out riding his dirt-bike. He came riding towards the house frantically with an incredible story. Joe described a creature like a werewolf that reached out and grabbed his leg leaving scratch marks in his thigh. He also claimed the creature ran on two legs. The family moved in the house just as the creature emerged from the woods.

Another story was told by Jan and purportedly backed-up by a second man who overheard police discussing this event. It occurred in the early 1980’s. In short supposedly a couple was brutally killed outside of their camper near the “bunkers” of LBL. Police claimed the campers were eviscerated and their limbs were completely separated from their body. The savagery of the attacks supposedly could not be attributed to any animal known to live in the region. The story says that the police kept the story quiet and out of the media in order to keep tourists coming to LBL. You can read more of the details from these stories from the links below:

The Beast of Land Between the Lakes (Part 1)
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There was talk of hauntings, Indian curses, mysterious lights over gravestones at night, old hag witches that lived deep in the woods, and more importantly, several tales of a wolf like creature that stood on two legs that would come out of the thickets and attack their cattle and live stock. Day or night. A creature that was taller than an average man by well over a foot, nearly 7 feet tall, with thick long hair covering its body, and a stench that matched that of some of the freshly opened graves that were discovered now and then. This ‘wolf man’ left tracks like a barefoot man but where the toes should have been, instead were paw prints. The head was huge and wolf-like in appearance, with an extra-long snout, and uncannily long, sharp incisors that glistened from the moonlight with saliva, along with eyes that, “Radiated red, like one of the hottest fires in Hell’, they’d say. It had long arms that ended with huge hands and long spindly fingers with long, pointed, dirt-caked claws. At night they would hear it howl; unnatural guttural sounds of painful hungry agony, and at that warning, all would go out and tie up their livestock and even bring their most prized selections inside their homes with them.
The legend of the beast went back at least a hundred years, was passed along through time from family to family and updated as new sightings occurred. One old man said that his great great grand pappy told him that the creature used to be a man, a Native American that had the ability to shape shift, a powerful shaman that had been outcast from his tribe because he used his magic for evil. The Shaman had been tracked and killed while in his wolf state by a few warriors and a couple of settlers in the area. In his dying breath he cursed them and vowed to return from the dead to haunt the forests and seek revenge on their families and all who lived there. Another man on the bench with a leathery, weathered face, said he heard from his grandma that the beast was once a settler that came over from Europe back in the early 1800’s with a disease that made him turn into a madman at night. The disease was eventually passed along to his children, who never went to school, but stayed hidden away from the population. Many thought the family had died off, because for years they never saw or heard from them, and after investigations by some brave men, they discovered the homestead vacant and abandoned in the early 1900’s.
The sightings of the monster were still frequent throughout the beginning of the twentieth century, and the elderly group on the bench told some unsettling encounters they or members of their own families had with it. Each one told stories of finding livestock slaughtered, ripped to pieces and eaten upon. Cows and pigs with their legs dismembered from the sockets. Even a few horses had met their end with savage attacks upon their bodies. A few of them described what they saw at different times when they caught glimpses of the figure by peeking out of the curtains of the windows into the night. One man said it jumped out of one of the horse stalls one evening while he was putting up some animals. It stopped in front of him, arms spread out like it was getting ready to grab him, let out a howl and then sprang past him and into the dusky shadows of the sunset.

I followed the description of the location and to my surprise I found the site quite quickly. I’ve tracked down many exotic locations and sites from stories and eyewitness directions and I’ve learned that these locations can be very difficult to track down. These directions were right on the money! Immediately I noticed a clearing at the end of a short road on the river. The area was strewn with tracks and bones from various animals. Virtually every bone I saw had several teeth impressions. But these weren’t the signs of a mythical creature, they were signs of a pack of coyotes.

I’m not a coyote expert but as an avid hiker I have had many encounters with coyotes and their kills. Despite this I had never seen a single location with such a large collection of bones and coyote tracks. Now coyotes are typically very shy creatures. I’ve had two close encounters with solitary coyotes, in both cases they quickly fled. However Coyote attacks on humans are not unprecedented. It is a rare occurrence but it can happen. If two campers happened to setup camp in the middle of a coyote hang-out it is not difficult to understand why they could have been savagely attacked. And a group of 4 or more Coyotes could have inflicted horrific damage to the victims. The attack could have been a territorial response, a prey response, or perhaps one or more of the animals was rabid. In either case the explanation seems clear.

Unfortunately I lost the pictures I originally took of the site. I plan on doing a revisit, collecting some samples this time.

The site of the supposed werewolf attack is in an area called the bunkers. Legend claims these bunkers were created in response to the werewolf attacks so military personnel could track down and kill the werewolf. On my last visit I checked out several of these bunkers. Most of them were nothing more than a foundation. A few that still had walls looked much less like military bunkers and more like cinder-block basements to small houses/structures. In fact the top of the “bunkers” had metal anchors sticking out of it, a clear indication that there used to be walls above. These structures also had openings on top which some described as a bunker entrance, but it looked a lot like a cistern to me. I believe these are the remnants of a series of structures that once stood, or a more recent development project, possibly for some camping cabins that was never completed. If they were bunkers there was one thing missing – doors. All bunkers include heavy metal doors embedded in the concrete structure. These doors would be extremely difficult to remove and would leave signs behind. I saw none of these signs on the structures.

Key Characteristics
– Red Glowing Eyes
– Savage Attacks
– Unnatural Howling Sounds
– 7-Foot Tall
– Walks Upright
– Barefoot Tracks with Claws

1. The bunkers
2. Eyewitness accounts of the red eyes
3. Eyewitness accounts of the savage attack of the campers
4. Tracks at the attack site
5. Bones at the attack site

Possible Causes
1. Coyote Attacks and Headlights
The attacks were actually carried out by packs of coyotes who inhabit the area. Some of these coyotes may even be rabid which would cause increased aggression towards humans. While coyote attacks are rare they can and do occur. Despite the rumored coroner’s opinion that the attacks were not carried out by any known creature, a pack of coyotes could cause a devastating amount of damage to human bodies.

As for the red glowing eyes, these could simply be vehicle taillights. While LBL is a large area it is narrow. It is almost 40 miles long but less than 10 miles wide. On top of the “The Trace” bisects the entire park. Smaller roads branch out from this every few miles including official and unofficial trails. What’s the point? Many of the roads in LBL are very close together making it easier to see the taillights from another vehicle on an adjacent road.

2. Werewolf attacks
The beast of LBL is indeed real and responsible for several attacks. The red glowing eyes are from the Werewolf being spotted in the middle of the night.

Information Gaps
– Substantiated encounters with the suspected werewolf.
– What was the real purpose of the “bunkers?”
– How far can vehicle taillights be seen in the forest?
– Can the red eyes be directly associated to sightings of the Werewolf, or are these characteristics unrelated?
– Would red glowing eyes, spotted from a distance look like two eyes or one red light?

Analyst Comment
There are more details in these stories including the condition of the bodies, however the truthfulness of these details is questionable. Some of these details were purportedly obtained via third-hand accounts, but the narratives of these accounts has a very polished feel and includes details which the subjects would have no little need to discuss. There is also no physical evidence or documentation of these claims. There are no pictures, video, audio, footprint castings, or anything to substantiate these claims. We don’t even have sources to follow-up with. By the way, if there is anyone with firsthand knowledge or evidence please feel free to contact me at This isn’t to say these accounts may be untrue, but without any evidence or sources to follow-up on it is impossible to analyze and rate these claims.

Furthermore, despite all the warnings not to go into LBL at night I have spent several nights camping in the woods and investigating cemeteries. Out of all of these times I had one strange encounter. I was investigating a cemetery near the water’s edge in the North East section of LBL. A friend of mine from work had come out with me. It was after dark. I wandered through the woods a bit to look for the cemetery while my friend stayed near his car. I stood on one side of a small bay, if it was large enough to even call it that. All of a sudden I heard a huge crash as if a large boulder had been thrown through some tree branches. Immediately after the crash there was silence. I was perplexed because it was an incredibly loud noise, but if it was a rock I would have thought it would continue to roll down into the water; if it was an animal I should hear the continued rustlings as it ran away through the heavy brush; and if it was merely a falling branch I had never heard a branch that large slam down on the ground. I told my friend about the incident and we prepared to leave. The road was narrow and we had to turn his car around. I got out of the car to guide him. I looked at my friend through his window and he had a horrified expression on his face as he pointed behind me. I slowly turned to see…nothing. I asked him what he saw and he told me some big black mass looked like it had stood up and ran across the ridge. We don’t know what it was. It could have been a deer standing up or lifting an antlered head up, it is hard to say. Still I have never witnessed anything definitively werewolf. I have never seen the red eyes or heard the strange noises. If there is a beast in LBL I haven’t encountered it, at least that I know of.


Artist rendering of the beast of LBL



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13 Responses

  1. Jim
    Jim at · Reply

    I grew up in this area, but only heard of the “monster” a few years ago. I’ve also camped a few times at LBL. A member of my family was a park ranger at LBL, but he made no mention of any such incident. The next time we talk I’ll ask about the story.

    I was a seasonal ranger for the NPS and later a park ranger for the Corps of Engineers, and I’ll admit that patrolling on the back roads at night can be a little creepy.

  2. Sam Uptegrove
    Sam Uptegrove at · Reply

    As a former police officer who has been investigating the unknown for nearly half a century, I find the story of the police covering up the vicious murder of the couple in order to preserve tourist revenue ludicrous. Even if it was true, does anyone really believe that the survivors of the slaughtered couple would remain silent, knowing that if such an attack had happened once they could happen again. If you do. contact me. I can make you a really good deal on some Arizona swampland.

    1. Eli
      Eli at · Reply

      Sam, I am a current LEO. You have to take into account that for one, this was back in the early 80’s. There was no such thing as the internet back then so not having any media coverage of such an event would have been pretty simple compared to modern times where information is immediately accessible. They family members may very well have tried to speak out, but who would have believed such a story? I’m not saying I completely believe the story. What I am saying is there is as much evidence to support the story as there is to say it’s false. Back in those days it wouldn’t have been too hard to keep something like that quiet.

  3. Mark
    Mark at · Reply

    Please give us any updates sir and thanks for everything.
    Mark in Paducah.

  4. Randy
    Randy at · Reply

    I lived in rural Paducah Kentucky up til the early 90s & have been to LBL more times than i can count aswel as being to the exact spot where the motorhome was parked.

    I admit there has been things happen there that even after debunking everything possible, still can not be explained. Like Jim, i also had a family friend that work as a game worden in the LBL area & when i asked him of the event, he replied very quickly & sternly “No, never happened!”

    He went on to say there was nothing in the news, no public warnings, no man hunts nothing ! Those are pretty convincing facts. I went as far as to climb the tree that the mutilated girl was found lodged in & im talking less than 2 weeks after the event & found only a small peice of fabric
    (I won’t reveal the color or type just in case someone can prove what the girl was wearing at the time) that could of been from a previous climber or blown up there by a storm ect… Anybody that wants a go at it, i would be more that happy to chat with them.


    1. tomcat
      tomcat at · Reply

      I would love to chat sir

  5. Justin
    Justin at · Reply

    I had a similar experience with hearing a very large tree limb break off and hit the ground 75′ from our campsite. The limb was healthy, not rotten at all, and the only reason i could explain it falling was that something very heavy or strong had broken it off. The limb weighed at least 140LBS and was at least 60′ off of the ground. I did hear a little scuffling in the woods after it fell, close to where it fell, but never seen a thing. This happened two days ago in Taylor’s Bay camp site.

  6. Dave
    Dave at · Reply

    The North American Dogman Project is going to do an expedition to the LBL. We are on a fact finding mission now to determine the best locations to setup. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

  7. Dave
    Dave at · Reply

    Greetings everyone! We are in contact with the 2nd hand eyewitness who knew the two police officers who were 1st hand eyewitnesses. They grew up together. We have made a documentary with this story in it as well as the 1979 murder of two campers that none of you have probably heard of. The gentleman contacted us because he had stage 4 cancer and this was his last message to humanity. He died 3 weeks after our interview. He worked for Kentucky Fish and Game. These massacres took place folks. And MONEY is always the M.O. in a cover up like this.
    We are working on a 2nd documentary for the beast of lbl as well…

  8. Dave
    Dave at · Reply

    Greetings everyone! We are in contact with the 2nd hand eyewitness who knew the two police officers who were 1st hand eyewitnesses. They grew up together. We have made a documentary with this story in it as well as the 1979 murder of two campers that none of you have probably heard of. The gentleman contacted us because he had stage 4 cancer and this was his last message to humanity. He died 3 weeks after our interview. He worked for Kentucky Fish and Game. These massacres took place folks. And MONEY is always the M.O. in a cover up like this.
    We are working on a 2nd documentary for the beast of lbl as well…

    We are the NADP – 285 members worldwide as of 3-12-18
    Join us if you want answers.

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