Where’s the Proof? The Scientific Method Applies Both Ways


So many people want proof of the paranormal and paranormal critics are quick to say there are scientific explanation for paranormal claims. While this may be true, the burden of proof is not on paranormal investigators alone, it applies both ways.

It is very easy to say a ghost captured on video is water vapor or a hoax. It is very easy to claim a UFO abduction experience was simply a waking dream, but we need to remember these are hypotheses. They are inherently no more or less valid than the paranormal explanations.

Paranormal critics love to point to their hypotheses as an example of why paranormal events aren’t out of current scientific understanding, but rarely are these hypotheses ever put to the test. For an example read my analysis on Joe Nickell’s States of Mind.

Just as the scientific community requires proof that something is paranormal, they are required to prove their hypothesis is applicable and can account for all of the characteristics of the phenomenon. Critical thinking demands reciprocity of proof.

When a paranormal critic tells you that a phenomenon has a scientific explanation, do your part for the community and demand proof before acceptance.

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